About Me

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I've founded and run tech companies for over 20 years, and consulted to a variety of individuals and companies on technology, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Macintosh and Apple products have always been a part of that work, and I am never happier than when I am helping someone purchase, set up, or troubleshoot a Mac, iPhone or iPad – or an office full of them.

I first fell in love (with the Mac) when it was launched in 1984 and I have never looked back. I’ve owned probably 30 of them personally, and administered and set up hundreds more – along with iPhones, iPads, backup drives, routers, printers, Wi-Fi systems, and more. No matter what your issue, I’ve probably run across it before. If I haven’t, I will do the research (usually at no charge) and find a solution that works for you.

Before I became involved with technology companies, I was a journalist for many years, often covering complex business and technology subjects. Journalism was all about taking complicated issues and explaining them in a simple and straightforward way that anyone could understand – which is what I do now.

I genuinely enjoy meeting new clients, interviewing them to understand their goals and frustrations, and providing solutions in clear and simple, non-technical terms. (Unless you’re technical too, in which case I’m happy to geek out with you.)